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WORLD TENNIS CONFERENCE by GPTCA/SI Special Annoucement ATPCA Partnership

We are glad and proud to announce that APTCA is our WTC Official Partner for the World Tennis Conference by GPTCA/SI 2021.Many thanks to ATPCA CEO Rhys Treasure and APTCA Teams for support and partnership to WTC and for all what are you doing for tennis. Is wonderful to have you on WTC.Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association (ATPCA) is a key worldwide tennis partner to develop and raise the level of tennis education for their fellow Australian Tennis Coaches in all over the world. Keep doing an excellent work on that!!Knowledge, hundred of successful cases, astounding results, all in one event for you.Through WTC you will find in all presentations on program 60 key concepts and principles from each great international speaker on High Performance Tennis.Be part of this story. More news coming next week from WTC and ATPCA!!!WORLD TENNIS CONFERENCE by GPTCA/

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