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2nd WORLD TENNIS CONFERENCE by GPTCA/SI 2022 Powered by CoachTube

ARE YOU READY!! As part of multibenefits of WTC2, every attendee will receive the unique WTC2 Workbook in PDF with 10 Ten recommendations of each speaker. It means 63 speakers presentations with the top ten short recommendations to follow up every presentation with ideas, concepts, principles, tips and more that you can apply in your day-by day tennis programs.A unique benefit for WTC2 participants.Also other benefits for all tennis coaches and people participating in WTC2 are:+ You can watch WTC2 after 4 days sessions for 4 day conference plus 30 days as many times every registered coach wants.+ Diploma of attendance WTC2-GPTCA/SI + Every coach adjusts his time schedule to watch WTC2 as their working time options.+ Every WTC2 Day we have 2 live Panels every day about different topics)+ Webinar Q&A events with many of WTC2 speakers during 30 days period. + Also, every month after WTC2 we will have two 30´webinars with main speakers live which will be open to every participant or guest!!+ You can watch WTC on your cellphone, tablet or computer.+ All WTC2 Conference will be held in (Which is a great educational platform) For more information please visit to watch entire line-up of speakers and thematic blocks.#LovefortennisWTC2WTC2 Love for Tennis. One unique virtual event. All together, for you!Be part of WTC2!!For registration or more information:

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