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We continue to maintain intensity and focus on details. Sports Science applied to Tennis make you differences.Talking about High Performance Tennis requires precisely integrating all the sciences applied, together with data analysis, use of biomechanical concepts for the optimization and enhancement of the strokes and gestures of each individuality and many more.Great physical coaches, tennis coaches and biomechanists, sports psychologists, physiologist, sports science key persons and data specialists and many more on another great day.Full focused, day is starting with a MasterClass from well know and internationally recognized tennis and mental coach Castellani Alberto, dozens of successful tennis players have worked with him.Then, two powerful international key tennis specialists Mark Kovacs and Conrad Singh, which are bringing ultimate information for you.Next science block, plenty of successful personalities on their fields such as: Mike James (Data analyst) who has worked with many top players, Federico Di Carlo (Top Sports psychologist), Allessandro Tozzi (Recognized physiologist) and Dragos Luscan, former physical coach of Top 1 player Simona Halep.Then, two key tennis science stars doing their MasterClasses: Mark Kovacs talking the 8 stages of the serve and inmediatley after, another great physical coach Marco Panichi who is working and developing his programs for several years with ATP Nr. 1 Novak Djokovic.To inspire you more, is coming another special science block with 4 top international professional in each area like: Cecilia Morini (Sports Psychologist with several Olympic medals with athletes), Ian Barstow (Physycal coach, footwork expert and in other areas), Adam Blicher, (Great International Sports Psychologist with a lot to share) and Cyril Genevois, (Tennis coach and biomechanist) with wonderful knowledge and experiences.Closing day presentation day will be a next surprise to be announced soon!!Tennis + Sports Sciences + Great Proffesionals + Sucessful experiences and cases + A lot of knowledge + WTC. All in one day Conference!! For you!!What a day!! Be part!!

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