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WORLD TENNIS CONFERENCE by GPTCA/SI 2021 – “New Speakers on the Block”

We would like to welcome the new main speakers who join the great team of international specialists of the World Tennis Conference by GPTCA / SI 2021, Ian Barstow (AUS), Alessandro Tozzi (ITA), all with great experiences and successful records with projects and sports science applied to tennis. Welcomed!!With a great number of speakers, like them, you will have a lot, specific and directed info, successful cases , recommendations and more, to the development of programs and High Performance Tennis players. Knowledge and information expands every day, so this is your opportunity to expand your mind and your own opportunities. Be part of the High Performance Tennis event of the year with most of the best Tennis Coaches and professionals of the Tennis Planet!!WTC. One virtual event. All together. For Make your difference. Be part!!GPTCA + SEGAL INSITITUTE

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